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Scamming is never a good thing and we understand that. For your inquiries make sure to join the Community Platform for it to be investigated. Actions may occur on the accused suspects. Unfortunately, Caffeinated does not support refunds of items or in-game cash.

Don't fret just submit a ticket through our Community Platform. If we have deemed that your items were never received, we will issue you a brand new item, on us. We will only ask for some proof of your transaction history to verify your purchase.

If you have no idea why you've been banned please join the Community Platform to receive help from our Appeals Team. When submitting a ticket include a screenshot of your ban message.

If you've been banned from the Discord Server you may submit a Support Ticket at the bottom of the Home page. Keep in-mind replies take up to 2 weeks and appeals are not guaranteed.

The Caffeinated Team consists of wonderful developers and staff. Wondering how to become apart of the team? Go back to the home page and scroll to the "Team" section to find more information.

We don't like creepy crawly bugs in our game and we hope you don't also. To report a bug join the Community Platform to have a member of the Team investigate your glitches.

We're sorry to hear you're having inconveniences with another user. You may join the Community Platform to report a user. Responses may vary between 24 to 48 hours within submitting.

The Caffeinated Terms of Service can be found where you clicked on "FAQ" on the left. It will say "Terms of Service". After clicking that page it will bring up our Terms of Service.